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“Welcome to the Heart Art of Meaningful Storytelling!”

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Space Ageless Children…

Blending the ancient tradition of oral storytelling
with modern children’s literature, KID-U-NAUT™
playfully showcases original, educational,
environmental and spiritual
eBooks and storybooks.
PageO Author, Illustrator
& Storyteller

    • BooBaLeeOops

      BooBaLeeOops is a rhyme-time story about rascally visitors, who from either another world or dream, unexpectedly arrive at the home of two children and feverishly search for Googaleeoops. Filled with a playful romp of mischief, BooBaLeeOops is the first book in a trilogy.


      Playfully encouraging children to be Kid-U-Naut Storytellers, KID-U-NAUT CREATION is an introduction to their own creative space ageless Kid-U-Naut! Everyone has a story upon the launching pad, so become your Kid-U-Naut today and rocket into KID-U-NAUT CREATION! Be Great! Create!


      KID-U-NAUT STORY MANUAL is an illustrated learning book that encourages and teaches children the art of storytelling.The manual includes a Kid-U-Naut Space Club Certificate, Rhyme-Time storytelling instructions, 16”X20” Kid-U-Naut Poster, Kid-U-Naut storytelling guideline check-off list and Kid-U-Naut iron-on logo patch. Being, also, both a writing pad and gray-scale coloring book, this perfect companion to the “KID-U-NAUT CREATION” storybook you’ll delight in giving space ageless Kid-U-Nauts everywhere! Be bold! Join the KID-U-NAUT SPACE CLUB and become an Official Kid-U-Naut today! Be Great! Create!


      OL’ TREE’S GIFT is about Ol’ Tree the evergreen, whose odd longing is fulfilled by a surprising twist. Surely to become a classic Christmas story, Ol’ Tree's Gift is a tale you and your children will read time and again throughout all seasons.

    • PATCH 1

      Be the Kid-U-Naut you are and wear an official iron-on Kid-U-Naut Patch (which is included with the purchase of the KID-U-NAUT STORY MANUAL or buy it separately to gift friends and family). Thus, enlist Mom today and have her iron this 3”x3”, fabric, Kid-U-Naut patch onto your favorite jacket, T-shirt or ball cap! Be Great! Create!

    • POSTER 1

      To always remember you are ‘all ways’ a Kid-U-Naut decorate your bedroom with an official Kid-U-Naut Poster (which is included with the purchase of the KID-U-NAUT STORY MANUAL or buy it separately to gift friends and family). Thus, tape it, tack it or paste this 16”x20”, full color, glossy, Kid-U-Naut poster onto your closest door, ceiling or wall today! Be Great! Create!




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